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IPv6 RIPEness information

How IPv6 ready are you?

IPv6 RIPEness is a rating system which awards stars to RIPE NCC members depending on indicators of IPv6 preparedness. Stars are awarded for:
  • Having an IPv6 address space allocation or assignment from the RIPE NCC
  • Visibility in the Routing Information Service (RIS)
  • Having a route6 object in the RIPE Database
  • Having a reverse DNS delegation set up

IPv6 4-star RIPEness ratings are refreshed daily (typically a bit before 10AM CET), with data from 2 days before. If your organisation has completed the steps for achieving 4 IPv6 RIPEness stars and does not appear on the list after 2 working days, please contact us at

We've started measuring indicators of IPv6 deployment too: a 5th star. If your organisation has completed the steps for achieving the first 4 IPv6 RIPEness stars and we measure IPv6 being in use above a certain threshold you qualify for the 5th star. For details on how we measure this, see The measurements for this 5th star are updated monthly, typically the first week of the new month.

For more information on the RIPE NCC's IPv6 RIPEness project, see

Check out the RIPEness data below:

The chart below shows what percentage of LIRs in a specific country have achieved up to 4-star IPv6 RIPEness rating: